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Conkara Banana

Hello from DANIELE MILANI , This time the new Micromix includes 4 new tracks: Conkarah  with Banana (featuring Shaggy) (DJ Fle Remix), Selena Gomez with Boyfriend (Amice Remix), Sub Urban with Freak, featuring REI AMI AWM Remix. All songs entered on the V2BEAT Playlist. Let’s have a taste and listen to them more closely:

MICROMIX n, 155 New Hits

This week’s new Micromix which includes 4 tracks

1 – Conkarah – Banana (ft. Shaggy) (DJ Fle Remix)
Twenty six years ago Conkarah aka Nicholas Murray was born in Kingston, Jamaica, to his English mother and his Jamaican father and a new reality in the reggae genre with Shaggy make this song a sure summer hit.

2 – Selena Gomez – Boyfriend (Amice Remix)
The beautiful Selena Marie Gomez offers this new single which in this version can also be offered in world clubs. Very good.

3 – Sub Urban – Freak feat REI AMI AWM Remix 2020
Daniel Virgil Maisonneuve, better known as Sub Urban, is an American singer, producer and songwriter, he is only 21 years old and is already a reality in Pop Dance. Excellent pairing with REI AMI. To keep an eye on.

4 – Sadder, Badder, Cooler – Tove Lo – Dj Demasie Remix
I really like this track, tribal and Latin sounds with easy house house, excellent also the vocalist
I don’t know if it will become a hit but V2BEAT and I believe it and offer it to you.

Happy listening on V2BEAT

Carefully Selected with love for you by Daniele Milani Music designer & critic

As always they started rotating on V2BEAT Music TVision!




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Written by: Daniele Milani

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Reach out to us for inquiries, requests, or collaborations, and let’s keep the music alive.

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