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Jet Hits

JET HITS” is your ticket to a high-speed journey through the latest and greatest music by new pop hits by tje new songs 2023.

This thrilling segment takes you on a quick and exciting ride, offering a sneak peek into the hottest new music video clips with the new pop songs set to conquer the charts.

Each hour, ‘JET HITS’ zooms in to showcase right now new songs short yet captivating snippets of upcoming video releases that are about to make waves on the music scene.

Get ready to be on the cutting edge of the music world as ‘Jet Hits’ provides a fast and furious introduction to the freshest tracks and visuals.

JET HITS it’s a dynamic preview of what’s trending in the music industry, ensuring that you’re always in the know when it comes to the next big hits.

Buckle up and prepare for takeoff with ‘Jet Hits,’ where the future of music videos for the new songs 2023.

Meets your screen every hour and every half of each hours, only on V2BEAT TV.





JET HITS OF THE WEEK  49, 2023 new pop hits:


  • Tate McRae – Exes
  • Gabry Ponte – Easy On My Heart
  • Essell – The Edge
  • Dom Dolla – Saving Up





Tate Mcrae Exes
Tate Mcrae Exes

Tate McRae – She recorded “Exes” during a late night studio session in LA. Tate revealed it was one of the quickest songs she’s written and captured a very raw emotional state.



Gabry Ponte Easy On My Heart
Gabry Ponte Easy On My Heart

Gabry Ponte – To celebrate over 25 years in the music industry, Gabry reworked one of his earliest unreleased tracks for “Easy On My Heart.” Remixes are in the works from established DJs.



Essell The Edge (150)
Essell The Edge

EsselL – Hailing from Australia, his composition “The Edge” was crafted entirely on modular synthesizers during travel across Asia. EsselL is largely unsigned and seeks to keep complete artistic freedom.



Dom Dolla Saving Up
Dom Dolla Saving Up

Dom Dolla – Known for explosive DJ sets, Dom confided “Saving Up” was the first record he produced entirely whilst on tour over the past 2 years on the road.

Interestingly all 4 songs were birthed from unorthodox creative circumstances it seems – late nights, archival dives, globetrotting synth voyages and non-stop touring. Always fascinating to gain insights on artistic processes and unique origins of hit records. The personal backstories add rich context to appreciating the music further.




JET HITS OF THE WEEK  48, 2023 new pop hits:

  • MARY J BLIGE – Still believe in love,
  • MK – Take my Chance
  • JESS BAYS+KELLI LEIGH – real love


Mary J. Blige – “Still Believe in Love” finds the R&B icon in resilient form with vocals that remain a class above. Industry buzz says this may be the lead single from her highly anticipated new album.

Mary J. Blige – A Queen of R&B for over 30 years, she’s sold over 80 million records and inspired countless others. There’s industry chatter this latest single could translate to her highest first week sales in years if her new album delivers. Fans are hopeful “Still Believe” hints at more of her signature blend of vulnerability and strength.


Marshmello + Pink + Sting – Their collaboration “Dreaming” could become a global hit given each artist’s reach. Early speculation online questions if this marks the beginning of a string of big-name collabs for Marshmello moving forward.

Marshmello – As one of EDM’s most dominant forces, collabs with icons like Pink and Sting break new commercial ground. His anonymity remains the subject of endless online speculation, with some theorizing more reveals are in store now six years into his career. Look for “Dreaming” to become the song of the winter globally


MK – The house music don returns with new single “Real Love” MK – A house music pioneer since the 90s, his new direction with Anthropic gained mixed early feedback. However, he’s renowned for pushing boundaries which could galvanize new fans if “Take My Chance” gains momentum. Long-term, it’ll be interesting to see if he maintains his relevance or gains traction with younger crowds.


Jess Bays & Kelli Leigh – Rising fast on the scene in 2022, this collaboration with MK on “Real Love” cements them as artists to watch. Early buzz suggests more high profile collabs could come their way which would help accelerate gaining mainstream recognition outside club circles. Their vocal and production chemistry stands out.


All bring something unique – from iconic status to next-gen upstarts. Curious how these unleashings affect each act’s trajectory in the months ahead as perceptions and popularity ebbs and flows!



JET HITS OF THE WEEK  47, 2023 new pop hits:

  • CHRIS BROWN ft Fridayy,



  • Fabien Gravillon – Je T’attends




Chris Brown No One Else (ft Fridayy)
Chris Brown No One Else (ft Fridayy)

Chris Brown – “No One Else” sees him delivering a smooth, mellow R&B love song about committing fully to a partner. Metacritic scores: User – 85, Critic – 82, My Score – 84. Vintage CB style that fans will appreciate.



Robin Schulz, Rita Ora, Tiago Pzk I'll Be There
Robin Schulz, Rita Ora, Tiago Pzk I’ll Be There

Robin Schulz + Rita Ora – “I’ll Be There” gives viewers an introspective look at a relationship ending but with empowering lyrics about moving forward. User: 78, Critic: 77, My Score: 80. Poignant emotions under Schulz’s production sky.



Imagine Dragons Children Of The Sky
Imagine Dragons Children Of The Sky

Imagine Dragons – “Children of the Sky” takes listeners on an epic journey through wide-open verses into an anthemic chorus. Matches the band’s signature sound. User: 72, Critic: 75, My Score: 75. Hardcore fans will resonate most.



Jax Jones, D.o.d, Ina Wroldsen Won't Forget You
Jax Jones, D.o.d, Ina Wroldsen Won’t Forget You

Jax Jones + D.O.D + Ina Wrolsdsen – “Won’t Forget You” sees the dance music maestro Jax tackling heartbreak through a slick house-infused hook. User: 89, Critic: 86, My Score: 90. Massive positive energy evoked.


Fabien Gravillon Je Tattends
Fabien Gravillon Je T’attends

Fabien Gravillon, born near Paris, is a french singer specializing in Pop,R&B, Zouk and  Afrobeats. He began his career as an actor in the hit French soap opera “Plus belle la vie”. After releasing his first album with the Because music label, he flew to Los Angeles and appeared in several music videos by popular international artists. He collaborates with the American director Colin Tilley for the video of Martin Garrix in collaboration with Macklemore and Patrick Stump of Fall out Boy “Summer Days” and works with Mickey Madden, bassist of the Maroon 5 Group, on the Collapsing Scenery project. Fabien has also participated in several projects recorded at Fox Studios in Hollywood and for “The Jim Henson Company”.



Overall these offerings range from melodic musings to empowering club-ready collaborations – something for every mood or party. I’d say “I’ll Be There” and “Won’t Forget You” left the deepest impression on me with emotive storytelling and escapism at their cores.




JET HITS OF THE WEEK 45/46, 2023 new pop songs:

  • Dua lipa – Houdini,
  • Mohombi – Chocolata,
  • Taylor Swift – I Know Places (Taylor’s version),
  • Paul Woolford ft LF System – In My Head




Here are some brief impressions of the artists featured this week on the “JET HITS” segment of V2BEAT TV:


Dua Lipa Houdini
Dua Lipa Houdini

Dua Lipa – “Houdini” sees her exploring a sultry jazz/R&B sound over a slinky beat. This sizzling summer single highlights her vocal prowess and chemistry with featured artist JID. Metacritic scores: User – 85, Critic – 87, My Score – 88. Undoubtedly one of Dua’s best works to date.



Mohombi Chocolata (ft Bayanni, Dawda)
Mohombi Chocolata (ft Bayanni, Dawda)

Mohombi – “Chocolata” brings back the Congolese influence we saw in his early hits but with a moreEDM-leaning arrangement. Mohombi’s silky vocals are front and center amidst thumping beats. User: 77, Critic: 74, My Score: 78. An enjoyable return to form for the genre-bending artist.



Taylor Swift I Know Places (taylor's Version)
Taylor Swift I Know Places (taylor’s Version)

Taylor Swift – Her re-recorded “I Know Places” soundtrack version adds deeper instrumental layers to the already moody lyrics about young love’s passions and perils. User: 83, Critic: 86, My Score: 85. Probably the closest we’ll get to hearing the chimerical “1989” cut live until she tours it.



Paul Woolford, Lf System In My Head (ft Shayan)
Paul Woolford, Lf System In My Head (ft Shayan)

Paul Woolford ft LF System – “In My Head” turns up the intensity from their past hits with an adrenaline-pumping drop section. The euphoric chorus is virtually impossible not to sing or dance along to. User: 92, Critic: 91, My Score: 95. A true club rhythmic masterpiece that could dominate worldwide for months.


In summary, each brings something different but undeniably aimed to please – whether deep cuts, moodier fare or pulse-quickening rhythms. “Houdini” and “In My Head” stand out most for me personally, but keen to hear what piques your curiosity most!





JET HITS OF THE WEEK 44, 2023 right now new songs:

  • Shawn Christopher,
  • Neil Tunez + Jeremith+Young John,
  • Karol G+ Peso Pluma,
  • Robin Schulz+Rita Ora+ Tiago PZK







Shawn Christopher Another Sleepless Night
Shawn Christopher Another Sleepless Night

Shawn Christopher Shawn Christopher’s latest release “Another Sleepless Night” continues exploring themes of love and longing from his previous hit “Waiting For You”. With a midtempo R&B ballad structure and Shawn’s smooth vocals at the forefront, this track tells the story of laying awake thinking of a past flame.

Metacritic scores:
User – 80
Critic – 82
My Score – 83

While not quite reaching the commercial heights of “Waiting For You”, early fan response has been positive for “Another Sleepless Night” based on YouTube and Spotify streaming numbers. Shawn Christopher proves he can deliver an emotive love song with the best of them. The lyrics of reminiscing on “your arms, your touch, your kiss” over a subtle beat will definitely resonate with those nursing a broken heart.


Ed Sheeran Ft Travis Scott Antisocial
Ed Sheeran Ft Travis Scott Antisocial

Neil Tunez + Jeremith+Young John – Their collaboration “Antisocial” has been gaining traction on TikTok with its upbeat hip hop/pop blend sound ideal for the season. User: 65, Critic: 70, My score: 68. An entertaining if unremarkable song to add to playlists.



Karol G, Peso Pluma Qlona
Karol G, Peso Pluma Qlona

Karol G+ Peso Pluma – Teaming with Argentinian artist Peso Pluma, Karol G brings her reggaeton fire to “Qlona.” Switching between Spanish and English, she sings about her lavish lifestyle. User: 85, Critic: 82, My score: 80. Fans of Karol G’s style will find much to love here.



Robin Schulz, Rita Ora, Tiago Pzk Ill Be There
Robin Schulz, Rita Ora, Tiago Pzk Ill Be There

Robin Schulz+Rita Ora+ Tiago PZK – The global dance hit “Ill Be There” pairs Schulz’s production skills with the powerful vocals of Rita Ora and rap verses from Tiago PZK. User: 92, Critic: 88, My score: 90. This cross-cultural collaborative smash is as addictive as it is crowd-pleasing.










Loreen Is It Love
Loreen Is It Love

LOREEN: Loreen is a Swedish singer known for winning the Eurovision Song Contest in 2012 and 2023 with the songs “Euphoria and Tattoo” She has continued to make pop and electronic music and is appreciated for her powerful voice and distinctive style. This week she’s proposing a new song “Is It Love” as ever inclusive of enchanting moments.


The Kid Laroi, Jung Kook, Central Cee Too Much
The Kid Laroi, Jung Kook, Central Cee Too Much

THE KID LAROY, JUNG KOOK,CENTRAL C: The Kid LAROI is an Australian rapper and singer who gained popularity with hits like “Without You” and “Stay.” He is known for his versatile musical style, blending rap and pop.   Jungkook is a member of the South Korean K-pop group BTS. His presence in the group has contributed to their global success, and he is admired for his vocal and dance abilities.


Steve Aoki, Paris Hilton Lighter
Steve Aoki, Paris Hilton Lighter

STEVE AOKI: Steve Aoki is a well-known DJ and electronic dance music (EDM) producer. He has collaborated with numerous artists and has released a series of successful tracks over the years. Paris Hilton is a multi-faceted celebrity, also known as a businesswoman and model. She has released some songs and had a presence in the music scene, particularly in the pop and electronic music genres.


Myke Towers Lala
Myke Towers Lala

MYKE TOWER: Mike Tower is a Latin artist known for his urban music. He has released songs in collaboration with other popular artists in the genre.






  • TYLA
  • NE-YO



Tyla Water
Tyla Water

TYLA: Tyla is a rising star in the music industry with a fresh and unique sound. Her music is both captivating and refreshing, making her a standout artist to watch. She brings a modern twist to her genre, and her authenticity shines through her lyrics.

Ne Yo Link Up
Ne Yo Link Up

NE-YO: Ne-Yo is a true R&B legend known for his incredible vocal talent and timeless hits. His smooth voice and soulful songs have made a lasting impact on the music world. He’s a performer with an unmistakable charm, and his stage presence is nothing short of electrifying.

Lauv, Troye Sivan Im So Tired (live In La)
Lauv, Troye Sivan Im So Tired (live In La)

TROYE SIVAN: Troye Sivan is a multi-talented artist who has taken the music world by storm. His music is a reflection of his personal journey and experiences, and he has a unique ability to connect with his audience on a deep level. Troye’s performances are emotional, and his artistry is both relatable and inspiring.

Farruko, Ankhal Nazareno (remix)
Farruko, Ankhal Nazareno (remix)

LA FACTORIA, EDDY LOVER, FARRUKO: La Factoria, Eddy Lover, and Farruko are influential figures in the Latin music scene. They’ve brought a dynamic and energetic presence to reggaeton and Latin urban music. Their collaborations and individual works have added a vibrant and rich flavor to the music landscape, making them beloved by fans worldwide.

Each of these artists has made a significant impact in their respective genres and has a dedicated fan base that appreciates their unique contributions to the music industry.








Neiked, Ayra Starr Youre Hired
Neiked, Ayra Starr Youre Hired

NEIKED and AYRA STARR bring a fresh blend of electronic and Afrobeat vibes. Their collaboration is a catchy and energetic addition to the charts, promising to get listeners grooving.


DOJA CAT continues to impress with her unique style and chart-topping hits. This week we are proposing a new single titled “Agora Hills”

Doja Cat Agora Hills
Doja Cat Agora Hills


ANASTACIA’s powerful vocals and timeless presence shine through once again. Her music resonates with fans across generations, making her a true icon in the music industry.

Anastacia Supergirl
Anastacia Supergirl


The BLACK EYED PEAS are back with their signature fusion of hip-hop and pop. Their latest release is a testament to their enduring creativity and ability to deliver chart-topping tracks.

The Black Eyed Peas Vibrations Pt1 Pt2
The Black Eyed Peas


AND MANY MORE: The “JET HITS” segment always promises an exciting lineup of diverse artists and music genres. It’s a testament to the ever-evolving music landscape and the global appeal of V2BEAT TV.

Each of these artists brings their unique flavor to the music charts, offering listeners a dynamic range of sounds and experiences. Stay tuned to V2BEAT TV for the latest and greatest hits from around the world!





  • RONDE,


Davina Michelle

Davina Michelle Dating The Devil
Davina Michelle Dating The Devil

Davina Michelle, whose real name is Michelle Davina Hoogendoorn, is a Dutch singer and YouTuber born on November 12, 1995. She gained significant recognition for her cover of the song “Duurt te lang,” which reached the number 1 spot in the Dutch Top 40, the Mega Top 50, and the Dutch Single Top 100.

Career Highlights:

  • In 2016, Davina Michelle participated in the fifth season of Idols, performing Jessie J’s “Nobody’s Perfect” during her audition.
  • In February 2017, she launched her own YouTube channel under the pseudonym Davina Michelle, where she uploaded cover versions of English-language songs weekly.
  • Her cover of Pink’s “What About Us” went viral, earning praise from Pink herself and garnering over 17 million views on YouTube.
  • She performed on TV programs like RTL Late Night and De Wereld Draait Door and also performed in various venues in the United States.
  • Davina Michelle opened for Pink during her Beautiful Trauma Tour in the Hague in 2019.
  • In December 2017, she released the single “Ga” in collaboration with the Efteling, serving as the official soundtrack for the musical Sprookjessprokkelaar.
  • In 2018, Davina Michelle participated in the eleventh season of the reality show Beste Zangers, where her cover of “Duurt te lang” became a massive hit, topping charts and earning a gold certification.
  • She performed her new single “Sweet Water” at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 semi-final in Rotterdam.
  • On September 5, 2021, she sang the Dutch national anthem at the 2021 Dutch Grand Prix, both before the race and during the podium ceremony after Max Verstappen’s victory.

Davina Michelle’s remarkable journey as a singer and content creator has led her to achieve widespread acclaim and success in the music industry.

Kenya Grace

Kenya Grace Strangers
Kenya Grace Strangers

Kenya Grace Johnson, an English musician from Southampton, gained prominence with her 2023 single “Strangers,” which reached No. 2 on the UK Singles Chart. Her unique voice has been compared to a blend of PinkPantheress, Charli XCX, and Piri.

Life and Career Highlights:

  • Born in South Africa and raised in Southampton, Kenya Grace Johnson showed an early interest in music and began writing songs at the age of ten.
  • She attended the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford, where she initially studied history and English literature before switching to music. She graduated in September 2019 with a degree in songwriting and creative artistry.
  • Her musical journey started with releases like “Obsessed” and “Tell Me Why” in 2019, followed by “Talk,” a song inspired by her experiences during the COVID-19 lockdown.
  • Kenya Grace Johnson continued to release music, including tracks like “Oranges,” “Someone Else” in collaboration with 3Strange, “Venus” in collaboration with Homebodi, “Afterparty Lover,” and “Meteor.”
  • In late July 2023, she began promoting her track “Strangers” on TikTok. The song, which she wrote and produced in her bedroom, gained massive popularity, with millions of views.
  • “Strangers” was officially released on September 1, 2023, by FFRR Records, and it quickly gained traction on various platforms, including TikTok and Instagram Reels.
  • The song entered the UK Singles Chart, peaking at No. 2. The Official Charts Company attributed her success to the resurgence of drum and bass and the dominance of female artists.
  • Her music has been influenced by artists like Banks, Flume, and Nao. She often starts her songwriting process by creating instrumental tracks.

Kenya Grace Johnson’s musical journey showcases her talent and ability to connect with audiences through her unique sound and relatable lyrics.

Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix, Lloyiso Real Love
Martin Garrix, Lloyiso Real Love

Martin Garrix, whose real name is Martijn Gerard Garritsen, is a renowned Dutch DJ and record producer with an impressive career:

Professional Highlights:

  • Born on May 14, 1996, in Amstelveen, Netherlands, Martin Garrix displayed a keen interest in music from a young age and began playing the guitar at the age of 8.
  • His journey into electronic music began in 2004 when he was inspired by Dutch DJ Tiësto’s performance at the Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony in Athens. He was particularly drawn to Tiësto’s track “Traffic.”
  • In pursuit of his passion for music production, he started using the digital audio workstation FL Studio, which allowed him to begin producing his own music.
  • In 2013, Martin Garrix graduated from the Herman Brood Academy, a production school in Utrecht, further honing his skills as a music producer.
  • His breakthrough came with the release of “Animals,” a single that catapulted him to international stardom. The track gained widespread recognition and established him as a leading figure in the electronic dance music (EDM) scene.
  • Martin Garrix’s success continued to soar, and he achieved the remarkable feat of being ranked as the number one DJ on DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs list for three consecutive years in 2016, 2017, and 2018.
  • He is celebrated for hit singles such as “In the Name of Love” and “Scared to Be Lonely,” both of which further solidified his status as a top-tier DJ and producer.
  • Martin Garrix has graced the stages of renowned music festivals, including Coachella, Electric Daisy Carnival, Ultra Music Festival, Tomorrowland, and Creamfields.
  • In 2014, he headlined the inaugural Ultra South Africa, marking a significant milestone in his career. He also became the youngest DJ to headline the 2014 Ultra Music Festival when he was just 17 years old.
  • In addition to his performances, Martin Garrix has held residency positions at prestigious Ibiza venues like Hï Ibiza in 2017 and Ushuaïa Ibiza in 2016 and 2018.
  • He established his own record label, Stmpd Rcrds, in 2016. This move came after his departure from Spinnin’ Records and preceded his signing with Sony Music.

Martin Garrix’s musical journey is a testament to his talent, dedication, and impact on the EDM industry, making him one of the most influential figures in electronic music worldwide.


Ronde Break My Heart
Ronde Break My Heart

Rondé is an indie pop band hailing from Utrecht, Netherlands, and their journey in the music scene has been marked by notable achievements:

Formation and Members:

  • Rondé was formed in 2014, originating from a school assignment at the Herman Brood Academie.
  • The band comprises talented members, including singer Rikki Borgelt, bassist Cas Oomen, guitarist Armel Paap, and drummer Sharon Zarr.

Recognition and Awards:

  • In 2015, Rondé earned significant recognition by winning the 3FM Serious Talent Award, a prestigious honor presented by the Dutch radio station NPO 3FM.

Early Gigs and Tours:

  • Rondé embarked on their musical journey by participating in “Herman Brood Academie on Tour” in April 2014. This marked the beginning of their presence on Dutch pop stages.
  • As part of their early career, Rondé also participated in the Popronde, a traveling music festival that visits various cities and towns in the Netherlands.

Chart-Topping Single and Accolades:

  • In October 2014, the band’s single “Run” was not only recognized as a 3FM Megahit but also earned them the title of 3FM Serious Talent.
  • Despite facing challenges like vocalist Rikki Borgelt undergoing surgery for vocal cord nodules after their performance at Eurosonic Noorderslag in 2015, Rondé continued to rise.
  • Their single “We Are One” became another 3FM Megahit in April 2015.

Album Releases:

  • Rondé released their eponymous debut album, “Rondé,” on January 13, 2017, showcasing their musical prowess.
  • Their second album, “Flourish,” featuring twelve tracks, including the 3FM Megahit “Calling,” was released on March 8, 2019.

Continued Success:

  • Rondé maintained their presence on the charts with hits like “Get To You,” a 3FM Megahit released in 2020.
  • Their track “Hard To Say Goodbye” garnered acclaim and received the Harde Schijf and Favourite Track awards from Dutch radio station Radio 538 in August 2021.

Throughout their career, Rondé has demonstrated their musical talent, resilience, and ability to captivate audiences with their indie pop sound.


These artists bring a diverse range of sounds and styles to the “Jet Hits” segment, ensuring that there’s something for every music enthusiast. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover and enjoy their latest tracks on V2BEAT TV new pop hits for you.


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