HOT POP HITS this week with new 5 cute releases by Maluma, Pop Smoke, TAG, Pitbull, Drake


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This second week of September sees some new entries into the V2BEAT TV Live HOT POP HITS rotation:

Maluma comes out with the collaboration of Lenny Tavarez and Justin Quiles with an obviously Latin and melodic Maluma style song. A new suffering of love, a new poem to women, with slightly harmonious sounds that arise precisely from the collaboration of the aforementioned artists. Refined piece. ATEEZ, a group that is trying to make itself known and put itself in the midst of the most famous BTS, comes out with a proposal that in some moments sounds in English, for the rest it seems Korean. Not bad.
TAG and Pitbull come out with a new track, very dance, well done, good rhythm, it has all the chances to become an international Hits, after all we can’t expect less from PITBULL. We still have the releases of DRAKE and POP SMOKE, nothing to say, just listen!



  • Maluma feat Lenny Tavarez, Justin Quiles – Parce
  • Mishaal – Peddle Bike
  • TAG x Pitbull – Backpack
  • CNCO – Beso
  • Lost Kings feat DeathByRomy – Hurt
  • Drake ft Lil Durk – Laugh Now Cry Later (DJ Mike D Mix)
  • Pop Smoke ft Lil Tjay – Mood Swings



As always they started rotating on V2BEAT Music TVision!



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[ARCHIVE] CNCO renew their success Hey DJ!

After listening and dancing at the beginning of 2018, it has now been renewed and refreshed with the addition of Meghan Trainor and Sean Paul vocals. The experiment is perfectly successful, once again the participation of top singers to a song makes a song that was already very beautiful more engaging and appetizing. We just have to enjoy it and watch the video! On Rotation on V2BEAT TV HOT POP HITS


[ARCHIVE] CNCO, The Latin group, composed of five elements, comes out with a new single in these days entitled Llegaste tu. The rhythm, once again convincing, is always a regaetton base but definitely very danceable. Easy to listen, the song entered these last days of November in rotation on V2BEAT TV to bring us some sun and Latin warmth.

[ARCHIVE] A Brief Review On Drake Songs

Drake is really the ruler in the Hip-hop Music industry and will carry on to be the most spoke about artist till the release of his most awaited Drake new songs. Being one of the next generation knockers, he has modified the look of hip-hop music by executing under the moony Drake and will carry on to experiment with latest genres. Music endures in his Blood and that is the reason Drake songs is so famous with the new generation and if you like to have your own accumulation of Drake songs and music video, arrives in touch with

Nicki Minaj ft Drake, Lil Wayne - No Frauds (PeteDown RMX)If you love hip-hop music and you are a very big fan of hip hop then, Aubrey Drake Graham will not be a stranger for you; he is famous for Drake Songs. Aubrey Graham was born in 24th October 1986. He is one of the most popular singer, rapper and actor who are known for Best playing Jimmy Brooks, a physically delayed character. His ability to carry honest and authentic Drake lyrics makes Aubrey Graham really very different from other rap artists. Lot of the rap artists do not presume to be as profound as Drake lyrics and people are normally facing long cry from the same type of aggression from the misprint lyrics of hip-hop rap and it is way of becoming stereotype to the fans.

After put forward in the Grammy awards, all the Drake Songs is popular with his fans and he is genuinely a one of its kind artist who is endure for a whole fresh wave of hip-hop rap. He has even contended with several music stars like Eminem and Jay-Z and for his Grammy nominations. Along with his other associate he develop music, which he thinks and feels from within rather than developing music just because of the threat of other eminent contemporaries. All the Drake songs emphatically express his positive appeal for his female fan following.

DRAKEBefore getting in into the Music Business, Drake Graham was best known for his persistent act in the popular Canadian TV series Degrassi. But in year 2006, he severely thought of affording his Singing career a take and as of then he has been contributing a Series of hit. Since then he has get one of the most looked after and a babbled about figure in the Musical industry.

His Drake album gets the talk of the entire nation, before bringing out any of his Drake Music video or acquiring into any contractual record it is really very amazing fact. So far in his music career he has brought out three mixtapes, 2006’s Room for betterment, 2009’s critically acclaimed and 2007’s Comeback Season .So Far Gone, which is conceived one of the Best mixtapes of 2009.

Actually Drake is on the V2BEAT RADIO & TV Chart Hot 10, with the single ” NICE FOR WHAT” at position #2.

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