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Great 10 min Micromix by Daniele Milani: DJ S, Anitta, Zafrir+Afrojack, Aya Nakamura

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10 Min Micromix Afrojack


Great 10 min Micromix by Daniele Milani: Welcome back folks to my Brand hot 10 min Micromix from DJ Daniele Milani:  In this Micromix I’m going to play: Dj  S Featuring  Jason McKnight – Lady (From Another Galaxy); Anitta – Loco (Extended – DJ Reizinho); Zafrir & Afrojack – Boom Boom Pow (Extended Mix). And finally, Aya Nakamura – Copines (Original Mix); enjoy listening to my new MICROMIX on V2beat music television.

New Micromix this week which includes 4 tracks

This 10′ MICROMIX Will be played on 25/03/21 @20:50

1 – Dj ” S ” Feat. Jason McKnight – Lady (From Another Galaxy)
Great niche DJ, his strength is to resume songs from the 70s / 80s that are never banal or commercial and remix them without distorting the original.
This new production takes up a song by ‘Jason McKnight’ Lady, which became famous by ‘Mojo’. This new track of his is truly high-class music. Superb.

2 – Anitta – Loco (Extended – DJ Reizinho)
‘Anitta’, pseudonym of ‘Larissa de Macedo Machado’ (Rio de Janeiro, 30 March 1993), is a Brazilian singer, songwriter, TV presenter and actress.
She traces the chorus very nice and funny. Sometimes the simplicity and lightness of music works.

3 – Zafrir & Afrojack – Boom Boom Pow (Extended Mix)
‘Afrojack’, pseudonym of ‘Nick van de Wall’, is a Dutch disc jockey, record producer and remixer of Surinamese origin. In 2007 he founded the record label Wall Recordings; his debut album Forget the World was released in 2014.
On ‘Zafrir’ I have no information but … on ‘Afrojack’ I could talk for hours.
This track is powerful yet soft at the same time, Deep Dance sound.
It certainly has all the ingredients to become a single to hear / see and dance to.

4 – Aya Nakamura – Copines (Original Mix)
‘Aya Nakamura’, pseudonym of ‘Aya Danioko’, is a French naturalized Malian singer.
What about this track … I don’t want to be bad about the musical genre or the artist, let’s call them sounds still work and like them a lot, and so I just tell you Happy listening on V2BEAT.

Good listening on V2BEAT

Daniele Milani Music Designer & Music Critic



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This 10′ MICROMIX Will be played on 24/03/21 @12:50


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