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Brand new 10 ‘ Micromix from DJ Daniele Milani: Daya, CNCO, Bryson Tiller, Robin Thicke

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10 Min Micromix Robin Thicke

Welcome back folks to my Brand new 10 ‘ Micromix from DJ Daniele Milani:  In this Micromix I’m pleased to play: Daya – Bad Girl (KAW Remix); CNCO – DEJARIA TODO. Remix (Dj Radics);Bryson Tiller – Sorrows (Original Mix). And finally, Robin Thicke – Look Easy (Original Mix); enjoy listening to my new MICROMIX on V2beat music television by Daniele Milani and don’t forget to subscribe to our socials!


New Micromix this week which includes 4 tracks

1 – Daya – Bad Girl (KAW Remix)
‘Grace Tandon’, aka ‘Daya’ was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on October 24, 1998. She studied music from an early age, and came into contact with the music biz when her parents took her to L.A. her at a writing session with ‘Gino Barletta’, ‘Brett McLaughlin’, ‘Britten Newbill’ and ‘Noisecastle III’ at Paramount Recording Studios.
Deep Commercial sound, this genre has been cleared for some time and is very popular. With its soft and electronic sounds and the singing it makes this track also excellent for listening.

2 – CNCO – DEJARIA TODO. Remix (Dj Radics)
‘CNCO’ is an American boy band of Latin American music formed on 13 December 2015, after winning the first edition of the talent show La Banda, created by ‘Simon Cowell’ and produced by ‘Ricky Martin’.
We still like this musical genre a lot, and therefore enjoy listening to this musical novelty on V2BEAT.

3 – Bryson Tiller – Sorrows (Original Mix)
‘Bryson Djuan Tiller’ is an American singer-songwriter and rapper. Becoming famous thanks to the success of his debut single Don’t, Tiller subsequently signed a record deal with RCA Records.
This new single is very beautiful and elegant. Classy R&B for attentive and refined listeners. Great.

4 – Robin Thicke – Look Easy (Original Mix)
‘Robin Charles Thicke’ (Los Angeles, March 10, 1977) is an American singer-songwriter, composer and actor, performer of international hits including Blurred Lines and Lost Without U, as well as author of songs for artists such as’ Christina Aguilera ‘and’ Usher ‘, in his career’ Thicke ‘released 8 albums and became one of the first white singers to successfully establish himself in the R&B market for a long time.
The American singer-songwriter returns with this new single.
I can’t find fault with this track, well constructed, well executed and masterfully sung. Thank you for existing ‘Robin’.


Good listening on V2BEAT


Daniele Milani Music Designer & Music Critic


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Written by: Daniele Milani

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Reach out to us for inquiries, requests, or collaborations, and let’s keep the music alive.

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